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project development process

We work with you from start to finish

We start off by going over the project with you and take an in-depth look. We will go over specifics like:

  • Types of media requested? ex. website? logo? business card? brochure? etc.
  • Type of business? industry?
  • Type of product or service? or both?
  • What are the goals?
  • Brief history (if applicable)?
  • What is the primary message?
  • Secondary message?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Competition (strengths and weaknesses)?
  • What are the distinctive features?
  • Creative tone & look? have a preference?
  • Is there any important industry terminology?
  • What are the key features and benefits to highlight?
  • Budget?

Based on this information, we’ll write up an estimate for client review. This estimate is sent electronically. The client will be able to review and accept online. Once the project has been approved to proceed an invoice will be generated. A deposit is required for all work requested. The deposit invoice is payable online or by check.

The Web Development and Print Design processes are handled slightly different.

If it is a brand new company, product or service, we usually start with the logo design first. Come up with the overall look and feel of the brand then apply it to the different media. It's very important that there is consistency throughout for maximum impact and distinction. We want to make it easy for your clients to identify who it is when they see one of your marketing pieces or your website.