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Postcard & Mailer Design

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Creative graphic design is essential in getting a response.

Successful mail piece design must attract attention, interest, conviction, desire, and make the close. As a result, are powerful sales tools.

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If possible, include a sample in the sales piece. If that is not feasible, include an endorsement quote or story from a satisfied user." – Morgan Shorey, The List®

Good Postcard Design Just Works

While meeting with a client we layed out a couple of postcards on his desk to show what we've done for other clients. His desk was filled with stacks of papers and mail. He obviously hadn't cleaned his desk in while. His colleague came in and sat down. His colleague went on to talk about how postcard mailers don't work. After talking for a few minutes he reached over and picked up one of the postcards that was laying on the desk. He looked at it and said "what is this?" and proceeded to read the card from front to back. With all the clutter that was on the desk he notice the one postcard and was interested enough to pick it up and read it.

If the card had looked like every other card he probably wouldn't have noticed it, but it didn't, and he did. "I guess they do work," we pointed out. He smiled and chuckled when he realized what had just happened.

Frequency is the key

Objections are not rejections. Eighty percent of the time you'll hear, "I have no need at this time" or "I'm happy with my current arrangement." Frequency is being there on a regular basis so that eventually when prospects develop a need or their number-one supplier leaves, they will think of you.